14 Church Street, Hereford

 Church Street, HerefordProject: 14 Church Street, Hereford

Value: £1,000,000.00

Duration: 18 months

Client: Pippen Trust

Architect: Andrew Thomas & Jacqui Demaus

This project involved the conversion of the Grade 2 Old Cobblers building into a new shop over two levels and 6 flats. The existing building was an old timber frame construction that was extreme structurally unsafe and building that had rolled and was close to falling down. The building required temporary propping with large steel columns and ties to stabilise it in a temporary state so that the permanent structural steels and flooring membrane could be installed safely.

There was keen interest from the local conservation officer and a number of existing features needed to be restored to return the building to its original state. This involved a number of highly skilled tradesman to achieve such a high standard of workmanship. In addition to the restoration works new technologies were introduced to the build for environment reasons which included rain water harvesting and solar panels.

Access was extremely difficult due to its central location in Hereford’s historic centre near to the Cathedral and main shopping precinct. However through good on site management the project was successful and local businesses were full of praise to the construction process. Church Street, Hereford