Hereford Cathedral Close

Hereford Catherdral Close RefurbishmentContract: Hereford Cathedral Close Restoration

Value: £3,500,000

Duration: 2 years

Client: The Dean & Chapter of Hereford Cathedral

Architect: Robert Kilgour Associates

This was part of an overall £5 million project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to restore Cathedral Close as an important public space and setting for the Cathedral, after more than a century of heavy use and natural decay and re-establish the beauty and dignity of the Close at the heart of our historic city and diocese, stimulating the development of tourism, business, culture, learning and access for future generations.

The major elements of the project included:

  • Complete renewal of the Close Drainage systems, upgrading of Utility services within it and installation of new communication network , with improved pathways, surface paving and controlled access for vehicles and parking.  Re-landscaping of the Close
  • New cast iron railings along the Broad Street frontage define the natural boundaries of the Close, emphasising the distinction between the secular and sacred with new gates to the West Front Cathedral entrances and railings / gates to the Cathedral houses within the Close boundaries. Also the restoration of existing cast iron railings and gates to the Castle Street entrance and other areas.
  • The Provision of information boards / finger post signs and seating areas.
  • Construction of new Oak framed Masons’ shed and enclosure.
  • New external lighting to provide illumination to the pathways along with, high-lighting, the architectural features on the Cathedral itself.
  • Relocation of Elgar Statue
  • Apple tree stone mosaic to West Front

Hereford Catherdral Close RefurbishmentHereford Catherdral Close Refurbishment