New Garage at The Old School, Lugwardine

Project: New Garage and Ground Works at The Old School, Lugwardine

Architect: Burton & Co.

Following on from the successful conversion of the Old Primary School in Lugwardine, we were asked to provide an estimate for the construction of a new garage and the associated ground works.

Structurally, the garage itself had to be built to withstand the loads imposed by two parked cars, as a result the floor was constructed using a reinforced beam and block method with a reinforced concrete slab laid over it.

To fit in with it’s surroundings, the garage walls were built using an old reclaimed facing brick on top of a plinth faced with reclaimed coursed stone work. These materials, coupled with the Welsh Slate roof produce a building that is not only structurally capable of supporting immense loads but also looks well aged to fit in with the aesthetics of the main building.

For the ground works, the existing tarmac surface which was once the school’s playground was broken up and taken away and top soil was laid in place. In addition to this, a new dry stone retaining wall was erected, garden paths were formed and a new macadam drive way was laid to complete the project.