New Street, Leominster

Contract: New Street, Leominster

Value: £1,200,000

Duration: 18 months

Client: Leominster Properties

Architect: James Morris Associates

Construction of a four storey new building consisting of a steel frame ground floor structure and a three storey timber frame structure on top. The building is divided into three retail facilities on the ground floor and 24 flats on the other three floors.

The building frame is clad in traditional brickwork and rendered block work. The roof is timber construction with a natural slate finish cast iron guttering.

The objective of the building was to construct a low maintenance and low energy consumption dwelling. To achieve this external walls and roof spaces were highly insulated and Grade A sash windows were installed to minimise heat loss. Solar panels were also installed to provide cheap running costs for hot water. Robust details have been utilised for all party walls and dividing floors.

The building was designed and constructed to blend in with the historic buildings of Leominster. Cast stone quoins, lintels and sills together with decorative brick work were built in to achieve this look.