Old School, Lugwardine

The Old SchoolProject: Old School, Lugwardine

Value: £200,000

Duration: 9 months

Architect: Burton & Co.

The project consisted of converting an existing 19th Century primary school into a modern dwelling whilst retaining a traditional aesthetic. This was achieved by framing out the existing fabric of the building with a new softwood structure including forming new floors and framing out the existing floors. Once the frame work was complete it was then possible to insulate it to a high standard to ensure that it met with the standards set by building regulations. At the window openings we installed new secondary The Old Schoolglazing units into the frame work so that the existing windows weren’t compromised.

While the house maintains it’s traditional aesthetic with oak panel doors, oak floor, oak staircase and stone built conservatory, it also incorporates many new technologies such as:

  • Heat recovery ventilation which reuses the heat that would have otherwise been lost through the extract fans.
  • Solar hot water panels to provide hot water from using the heat from the sun.
  • Solar PV (photo-voltaic) panels which produce and feed electricity back into the national grid.
  • Rainwater harvesting tank to collect all the rain water, store it and pump it to multiple taps located in the garden to water the plants.The Old School
  • Central vacuum system to eliminate the need for storing and transporting bulky vacuum cleaners.
  • A secondary hot water loop to reduce the waiting time for the water to come out of the tap warm.

The combination of these modern items with classic materials makes for a beautiful, warm house.